Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090

Tấm làm mát Cooling Pad 7090 có kích thước thông dụng là:

(Cao x Rộng x Dày) = (1800x600x150)mm;

Kích thước thông dụng khác: (Cao x Rộng x Dày) = (1500x600x150)mm.

Góc cắt, chiều cao: 900 với (a=α=β=45)­, chiều cao sóng 7mm

Chất liệu của tấm: Cellulose đặc biệt có độ thẩm thấu và bay hơi cao

Màu sắc sản phẩm: Vàng, nâu xẫm, xanh-vàng và nhiều màu khác

Xuất xứ: Thái lan, Trung Quốc.

The composition of Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090

Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090, is made of special cellulose paper and highly endosmotic water, with physical flutes having height of wave 7mm. These flutes are united each other to make an  angle of cut-off  900 and they look like honeycomb structure. This special design yields larger square face in the same volume space, increases possible contact, rub and collision between air and crumpled face of the pad. Membranous water is taken shape and it covers face of the pad. When air goes through the membranous water, evaporative process into air will happen, simultaneously change temperature and humidity of the air flow. So this process is called the temperature-humidity exchange process.

The principle of the pad operation

Evaporative Cooling Pad operates under the principle of natural evaporative water. When hot and dry airflow is exhausted through wet pad, water will absorb heat of this air flow, simultaneously, water is evaporated to make temperature of the airflow to decrease and humidity of the airflow to increase suitalbly.

Application of the pad to make fresh and cool air is one of the best confident and economic solutions. The self-cleaning and possible endosmosis of special cellulose papers guarantees the pad not to be decayed in water environment and maintains of the pad highly.


The temperature-humidity exchange process between water and air: Because water temperature is lower than air temperature exhausted from outside to inside workshop, evaporative water will absorb apart of heat of air and make water hotter, oppositely air becomes cooler and humidity in air increases suitalbly.

Typical applications:

– In the industry such as workshops producing garments, woolen yard, shoes, packing, mechanics, pottery and china, knitting rattan and bamboo, garage,…

– In the services such as restaurant, supermarket, public bar, amusement park,…

– In the farm such as arboretums, places growing flowers, pot plant,…

– In the livestock such as places breeding cattle and poultry,….

Basic parameters of the pad 7090:

H   : Pad height

W :  Pad width

D   : Pad depth

h   :  Height of wave

a   : Declination of  round or odd wave class compared to horizontal.

In there:

H standards: 1200, 1500, 1800 và 2000 mm

W standards: 300, 500 và 600 mm

D standards: 100, 150 và 200 mm

h standard: 7 mm

a standard: 450

Angle of cut-off  between flutes united each other : a+a = 900