Model: KT-18BS

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Composition of Air Cooler KT-18BS

The cooler has side outlet and it includes the following main parts:

–          Cover of the cooler: it is made of PP plastic protecting it from harsh condition of weather and ultraviolet rays;

–          One axial fan including three or nine blades like kestrel’s wing and large airflow;

–          Three frames of evaporative cooling pads (model 5090) at three sides and attaching cleansing wind net;

–          Three sets for dividing and distributing water for three frames of evaporative cooling pads;

–          One water pump: supplying water for frames of evaporative cooling pads;

–          One automatic valve for supplying water and one automatic valve for letting out;

–          One set of power and electronic control;

–          The bottom of the cooler: containing water and put together equipments.

Technical parameters of Air Cooler KT-18BS

Model Evaporative Air Cooler KT-18BS
Cover of the cooler PP plastic protecting it from harsh condition of weather and ultraviolet rays
Blades of axial fan Three blades like kestrel’s wing
Cooling capacity m3/h 18.000
Air pressure Pa 150
Type of flow Axial flow, side outlet
Motor capacity KW 1,1
Electric current A 2,8
Power V/Hz 3 phase 380V, 50Hz / 1 phase 220V, 50Hz
Mode of water supply Centralized/independent
Tank capacity Litres 25
Water consumption L/h 40
Noise dB 70
Size LxWxH mm 1090x1090x980
Size of outlet mm 670 x 670
Weight Kg 66
Effective Area m2 100 ÷ 150
Wind Distance m 15