Khung máng nước Inox của giàn lạnh được cấu thành bởi: Máng trên, máng dưới và 2 thanh đứng ốp 2 bên, chúng tạo thành một khung bao khép kín khi lắp ghép các tấm làm mát lại với nhau.

– Top gutter includes many parts being put together such as two side lids, technical lid, lid dividing water and details locating water distribution PVC tubing. Top gutter functions to distribute water sufficiently and regularly through water distribution pads to all of evaporative cooling pads being put together on a frame.

– Bottom gutter functions to take back the rest of water after evaporating on a frame of evaporative cooling pads through recovering PVC tubing to return a tank and join a new circulation. Because of containing water being taken back from the frame of evaporative cooling pads, the structure of spare parts of bottom gutter has to be tightened completely.

– Two side pieces function to locate and attach to top gutter and bottom gutter to a firmly surrounding frame. As a result, evaporative cooling pads are kept tightly on the frame.

Gutters of evaporative cooling system have many different sorts and dimensions. Their dimensions are determined by conditions such as the position needing to install, quantity of evaporative cooling pads being put together, methods of putting together.

Example: For evaporative cooling pad with standard dimension such as: h = 1800mm, w = 600mm, d = 150mm

            n = 2 → Dimension of gutter: LxHxD = 1200 x 1950 x 150 mm

            n = 3 → Dimension of gutter: LxHxD = 1800 x 1950 x 150 mm

            n = 4 → Dimension of gutter: LxHxD = 2400 x 1950 x 150 mm

            n = 5 → Dimension of gutter: LxHxD = 3000 x 1950 x 150 mm

            n = 6 → Dimension of gutter: LxHxD = 3600 x 1950 x 150 mm