Evaporative Cooling Pad Black+

Kích thước thông dụng:

(Cao x Rộng x Dày) = (1800x600x150)mm

Góc cắt, chiều cao: 900(Cooling Pad 7090), chiều cao sóng 7mm

Chất liệu của tấm: Cellulose đặc biệt có độ thẩm thấu và bay hơi cao

Màu sắc sản phẩm: Vàng, nâu xẫm với bề mặt ngoài sơn phủ màu đen

Xuất xứ: Thái lan, Trung Quốc.

Evaporative Cooling Pad Black+ is coated special “Black+” protection on the outside surface. Special “Black+” protective coating prevents the pad surface from constantly exposing to extreme environment such as dirt, sand storm, and risk of bacterial and algae growth. “Black+” protective coating is also durable and strong enough for frequent surface cleaning. Enhanced with special anti-friction modifier, the pad “Black+” is tough and can be cleaned effortlessly. This will ensure not only its long service life even under harsh condition, but also its optimum efficiency for a long time.

Pad “Black+” is developped on two basic models including Pad 7090 and Pad 7060. For this reason, aside fromspecial “Black+” protective coating, its shape, structure, standard dimension, declination of wave, angle of cut-off and saturation efficiency or pressure drop are similar to Pad 7090 or Pad 7060.

Pad “Black+” is developped specially for harsh and tough condition. It is an ideal evaporative cooling media for gas turbine inlet, textile factories, harsh water condition, locations exposed to sand storm and the application where risk of algae and bacterial growth is high. With special protective coating in Pad “Black+”, the surface will not allow algae or bacteria or mineral deposits to anchor themself.

Typical applications:

– In the industry such as workshops producing garments, woolen yard, shoes, packing, mechanics, pottery and china, knitting rattan and bamboo, garage,…

– In the services such as restaurant, supermarket, public bar, amusement park,…

– In the farm such as arboretums, places growing flowers, pot plant,…

– In the livestock such as places breeding cattle and poultry,….

Type: Evaporative Cooling Pad Black+ 7090

Common Dimenstion: HxWxD: H=1800mm; W=600mm; D=150mm

Angle of cut-off, height of wave: 900(0790) or 600(0760), height of wave 7mm

Material:Special cellulose paper being highly endosmotic and evaporative water

Colour of product: Yellow, deep brown, with the outside surface coated Black

Place of origin: Thailand, China.