Model: KT-18DS

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Composition of Air Cooler KT-18DS

The cooler has bottom outlet and it includes the following main parts:

–          Cover of the cooler: it is made of PP plastic protecting it from harsh condition of weather and ultraviolet rays;

–          One axial fan including three or nine blades like kestrel’s wing and large airflow;

–          Four frames of evaporative cooling pads (model 5090) at four sides and attaching cleansing wind net;

–          Four sets for dividing and distributing water for four frames of evaporative cooling pads;

–          One water pump: supplying water for frames of evaporative cooling pads;

–          One automatic valve for supplying water and one automatic valve for letting out;

–          One set of power and electronic control;

–          The bottom of the cooler: containing water and put together equipments including axial fan, water pump, float, control equipment,..

Operation principle of Air Cooler KT-18DS

The cooler operates under the principle of evaporation. The process treating temperature-humidity between water and air is happened in the space of machine room by axial fan with large air flow, cooling pad and water pump. Fresh and cool air in the machine room wil be pumped into workshop by axial fan through the system of wind pipeline. Dry and hot air and dust inside workshop is pushed out by differential pressure.The cooler has small and tidy composition with the system of air pipelines leading fresh and cool air into the area needing to be made cool. For this reason, we can apply to make cool air for total workshop or a part of workshop.  18DS_5

Technical parameters of Air Cooler KT-18DS

Model Evaporative Air Cooler KT-18DS
Cover of the cooler PP plastic protecting it from harsh condition of weather and ultraviolet rays
Blades of axial fan Three blades like kestrel’s wing
Cooling capacity m3/h 18.000
Air pressure Pa 150
Type of flow Axial flow, bottom outlet
Motor capacity KW 1,1
Electric current A 2,8
Power V/Hz 3 phase 380V, 50Hz / 1 phase 220V, 50Hz
Mode of water supply Centralized/independent
Tank capacity Litres 25
Water consumption L/h 40
Noise dB 68
Size LxWxH mm 1090x1090x980
Size of outlet mm 670 x 670
Weight Kg 65
Effective Area m2 100 ÷ 150
Wind Distance m 15


The typical methods of installation

 18DS_6  18DS_7