Hung Nghiep Investment and Trading Company Limited is a company specializing in supply and installation the evaporative cooling system, and industrial ventilation for workshop in Vietnam.

The products of the evaporative cooling system, and industrial ventilation including:

  • The cooling system making negative pressure using Exhaust Fan and Evaporative cooling pad.
  • The cooling system making positive pressure using Evaporative Air Cooler.
  • Ventilation, exhausting dust, smoke and heat using Exhaust Fan.
  • Household evaporative air cooler.

Our products have used commonly in many professions, many different fields such as:

  • In the industry such as workshops producing garments, woolen yard, shoes, packing, mechanics, pottery and china, knitting rattan and bamboo, garage,…
  • In the services such as restaurant, supermarket, public bar, amusement park,…
  • In the farm such as arboretums, places growing flowers, pot plant,…
  • In the livestock such as places breeding cattle and poultry,….

With the desire to become a trusted partner of customers, we are constantly researching, experiencing gained from practical applications in the workshop to improve products, install and apply new technology to bring customers the best products with the most reasonable prices.

In the next time, we hope that we will be received the close cooperation of customers and the cooperation of customers is our success!

Thank you and best regards,



Director of the company.